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Presentation Services

The following is a list of presentations and seminars I have made at conferences, meetings, and for organizations and universities.

Concessions as Profit Centers
      Presentation made for the Metropolitan Cooperative Library Systems part of an interest in introducing more retail stores selling related products in public libraries to supplement their budgets.

Copyright & Trademark
     I have presented on the subject of Intellectual Property multiple times at several organizations. I address both protecting proprietary rights and properly acquiring permissions.

Customer Service
     These presentations cover a broad range of customer care and in-house training.

Do Your Books Inspire Sidelines?
     The subject of a panel organized by Publisher’s Association of Los Angeles (PALA)

Earned Income: Creative Contributions for Non-Profits
     This seminar for the California American Women’s Economic Development Corporation offers a fresh look at ways to acquire monies within the mission of the organizations.

Gems & Jewelry: A Closer Look
     This session is offered most frequently at stores that sell jewelry. It is a basic tutorial of gemstone and metal recognition and familiarity with industry terminology.

Marketing Aboriginal Arts & Crafts
      Presentation made to improve business skills of indigenous artisans.

Marketing for Artists
     Advises artists who want to turn their artistry into income.

Museums & Business
     This is a credit class taught at Cal State Channel Islands about the business side of cultural organizations.

Museum Stores 
     Informational seminar on the value of cultural commerce at the American Association of Museums (AAM) conference.

Museum Reproductions: Alternative Career
   This presentation, first given for the Humanities Department at Claremont Graduate University, sheds new light on a business career in the arts.

Non-profit Earned Revenue Business for MBA Candidates
     The Anderson School of Business included this presentation in their curriculum for the master’s program.

Product Development
     Learning how to design and manufacture proprietary product is of interest to both for- and non-profit businesses.

Revenue Generation: Cost & Earning in a Museum Store
     Business planning and analysis for a successful store operation

Showcase Showdown
     A highly entertaining and interactive workshop on creative visual merchandising.

Socially Responsible Retailing
     Learn about many components of utilizing sustainable resources, recycled and up-cycled products, and social responsibility in running your business.

Unrelated Business Income Tax (UBIT)
     Expert information and training for application and recording sales in the US in compliance with IRS rulings.

Writing for the Faint of Heart
     Learn the art of the marketing and educational blurb to promote and enhance products on labels and tags.

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