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     Store Design
         Concept development
         Customer analysis
         Fixture and floor plan design
         Project liaise with architects and contractors

     Enterprise Strategy and Development
         Business plans
         Audience identification and analysis
         Financial analysis and projections
         Inventory and sales analysis
         Growth analysis

     Store Planning (Bricks & Mortar + Online)
         Category and space allocation
         Visual merchandising
         Identifying & telling the story
         Global vendor sourcing and negotiation
         Policy and procedure development
         Systems search

         Concept and brand positioning
         Brand Integrity

     Intellectual Property Management
         Rights protection

     Specialty area: UBIT (Unrelated Business Income Tax)
          Training and application for US non-profit retail sale

     Proprietary Product Design and Development

     Wholesale Business Development

     Artist & Maker Relationship-building

     Marketing and Educational Writer

     Business Development Seminars and Presentation (click for list)
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